Managed Care Negotiations

Protecting your interests first

Gottlieb brings forty years of experience and clarity to the managed care contract negotiations process.

We work with you not only to review your existing contracts but also to execute new contracts that reflect the true value you bring to the table.

At Gottlieb, we represent our partners’ best interests, always. Successfully negotiating a contract requires knowledge of the market, data on the impact to collections for taking a contract, and strategies to handle patient concerns. Our experience and proven strategies mean that together, we can negotiate the rates you deserve and keep your hospitals and patients satisfied.

Our managed care-related services include:

  • Matrixing of the agreements
  • Payment/adjustment profiling
  • Contract gathering, organization, and tracking of renewal dates
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract performance audits
  • Contract adherence to timely filing and payments

  • Learn how our expertise in Managed Care Negotiations can help you: