We’re committed to compliance

Since 1978, our partners have trusted us to maintain the highest standards of ethics and compliance, and our diligence helps ensure we maximize revenues the right way.

Staying Informed

As regulations around the medical billing space continue to evolve, it’s our responsibility to stay informed about what these changes mean for us and for our partners. Our team maintains constant awareness of changes in compliance requirements by applicable healthcare agencies and regulatory bodies and communicates those changes not only to our own team but to yours, as well.

Higher Standards of Conduct

Our rigorous compliance program gives our team the knowledge and guidance to carry out their duties accurately and confidently. The program includes all the essential components of compliance – written policies and procedures, training and education, effective lines of communication, disciplinary guidelines, auditing and monitoring, and investigation and remediation. Our Chief Compliance Officer and the Corporate Compliance Committee work to maintain and uphold these standards every day.

Client Communication and Education

Changes in compliance requirements may have a direct impact on the way you operate your business. Your dedicated account manager works with you to navigate these changes and implement updated policies and procedures to keep you current and compliant.

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