Claims Processing

Processing claims swiftly and securely

Gottlieb utilizes one of the largest electronic claims clearing-house for medical transactions in the healthcare industry.

Gottlieb also has direct connects with several Government payers to turn around reimbursement as quickly as possible. We process more than 4 million medical transactions annually which include claims statuses and insurance eligibility. Claims data are transmitted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to our national gateway system and are scrubbed in the front-end for errors before submission. Detailed confirmation reports are provided daily from the gateway and then sent back to our proprietary system.

We understand you don’t work a typical nine-to-five, so claims data may be transmitted 24/7/365 to accommodate our emergency medical partners’ unique schedules. The clearinghouse transmits your data securely and provides a detailed confirmation report every day. Claims data and transactions are backed up and available to you for up to seven years in the event of an audit or otherwise, adding an extra layer of security for your practice or facility.

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