Business Intelligence Reporting

Data-driven insights & performance

At Gottlieb, we’re numbers people.

When we say that we’ve never seen a net revenue decrease for our clients, we have the data to prove it. That’s how we operate all of our partnerships. We use your organization’s data in conjunction with industry benchmarking data to evaluate our performance. Our business intelligence reporting turns your input into meaningful output, giving you the tools you need to make better, more informed decisions.

The standardized reports we offer measure and track Key Practice Indicators (KPIs) for your organization. No two practices are alike, so we account for your unique variables such as geographic area, payer mix, and more. Our standardized KPI reporting includes:

  • Payer Mix Trends
  • Volume Trends
  • AR Days
  • Aging AR by Responsible Party
  • Collections Statistics
  • E&M Distribution w/ Benchmarks
  • Disposition Trends
  • Potential Documentation Downcodes
  • Potential Critical Care Opportunities
  • Benchmarks for Ancillary Procedures
  • LWBS/LWOT Tracking
  • 100% Chart Reconciliation
  • 100% Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Provider Productivity Statistics (RVUs/hr, Pts/hr/ RVUs/pt)
  • Metrics for Productivity Models
  • Patient Interaction Time Metrics

Gottlieb also provides monthly ad-hoc reporting for any nuanced data, insights or payroll related requirements that you may need. With forty years of serving emergency medical practices, we’ve likely developed a similar report that addresses your group’s needs.

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